Church Offices and Ministries
July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2019


Elders: Don LeBlanc (Head), Dan Bellavance, Geoffrey Cummings, Warner McClure


Deacons: Kevin Paige (Head), Owen Cummings, Greg Lancey, Brandon Lamphear, Ty Rolland, Steve Smead, Kirk Strassberger, Leonard Wright; Asst. Deacon: Josh Rolland


Deaconesses: Cathy Chartier (Head), Cynthia Craig, Jody Paige, Sue Lancey, Lanette Wright; Asst. Deaconess: Kelsey Paige


Treasurer: Geoffrey Cummings, Greg Lancey (Asst.), Don LeBlanc (Asst.)


WJLP 92.1 Radio Committee: Warner McClure (Pres.), Don LeBlanc (V-Pres.), Barbara Rolland, Ida Sanborn


Church Board: Elders, Head Deacon, Head Deaconess, Clerk, Treasurer, Personal Ministries, Community Service, Finance Committee


Clerk: Sue LeBlanc, Don LeBlanc (Asst.)


Good Apple Food Store: Kathy Thompson


Bags of Love: Sue Lancey


Personal Ministries: Danielle Young


Bulletin Secretary: Sue Trecartin, Geoffrey Cummings (Asst.), Don LeBlanc (Asst.)


Communications: Sue Trecartin


Sabbath School Superintendent: Laura Hill


Adult Sabbath School: Geoffrey Cummings, Don LeBlanc, Warner McClure, Rick Owen


Children’s Sabbath School:

  Earliteen/Youth: Kirk & Uli Strassberger

  Juniors: Laura Hill

  Primary: Lynette Wright

  Beginners/Kindergarten: Joann Cummings, Jody Paige, Sue LeBlanc, Sue 

  Substitutes: Dan Bellavance, Cynthia Craig, Sue Lancey


Vacation Bible School: Kevin Paige (Head), Jody Paige (Asst.), Helpers: Sue Lancey, Sue LeBlanc, Sue Trecartin


Community Service: Kevin Paige, Helpers: Sue LeBlanc, Sue Trecartin


Card Ministry: Ida Sanborn, Leah McClure


Prayer Coordinators: Cynthia Craig, Nancy Cutler, Sue LeBlanc


Greeters: Brandon Lamphear, Greg & Sue Lancey, Kevin Paige


Music Committee: Warner McClure (interim)


Social Committee: Joann Cummings, Danielle Young


Sound Room/Audio: Simeon Kroll, Ricky & Nate Owen, Don LeBlanc (Mentor)


Senior Ministry (not active yet): Leader/Asst.?, Dave Callahan (visit); Cathy Charter (meal); Laura Hill (tea) Sue Lancey (meal/visit); Ida Sanborn (tea/trans); Geoffrey Cummings, Don LeBlanc (trans/visit); Jody Paige, Danielle Young (tea/meal/visit); Sue Trecartin (tea/meal/trans/visit)


Pathfinders: (not filled at present)


A Bit About Some of Our Ministries


WJLP 92.1 FM Christian Radio broadcasts 24-7 in the Barre and surrounding area. Programming features the 3ABN network.

--We walk in the July Barre Heritage Festival parade and host a booth to spread the good news.

--We plunge into East Long Pond in our October Goosebump Jump to raise funds. It’s a fun church activity, too.


The Good Apple Food Store is located at 521 North Main Street in Barre, across from Cumberland Farms,where you'll find a good selection of canned and frozen vegetarian offerings. Look for Distinctive Touch Salon's sign.  Call 802-476-0856 for information. 
Store hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 10:00 am - 6:00 pm and Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm.


Community Service includes:
--monthly meals for the residents at the Good Samaritan Haven in Barre
--annual community Thanksgiving Dinner
--sponsored families for Christmas
--community needs as they arise


Bags of Love
Quilt-making takes place once a month in a space donated by Leahy Press. Bags with quilts and age-appropriate supplies are delivered periodically to the local Department of Children and Families (DCF).